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During the past five years the traffic hitting tutorialfind has grown to levels far greater than expected. Lately we have been charged enormous excess bandwidth fees, and have had to move the site to a more bandwidth friendly host. We have also taken this opportunity to redevelop the site as an ASP.NET application, to provide a better platform for future development. As you will notice, this site is currently in redevelopment, and our short term priority is to get tutorialfind back to a fully functional site. We appreciate your patience during this time and hope you continue to enjoy using tutorialfind.

The Web's Newest Tutorials
The largest site and most comprehensive tutorials on Adobe Atmosphere lighting and audio. Many 3D demo environments and graphic examples and some Atmosphere JavaScript examples.
This article on "Installing Apache-MySQL-PHP on Windows 98" in just five min is a complete step by step tutorial to install this trio package. The article contains full graphics snapshots to help the new developers to install the trio package without any glitch or much effort. Happy developing !
If you use Illustrator regularly, no doubt one of your first steps when working on a new document is to set up your guides. The process, though, can take some time, especially if you like to create a grid made up of guides or want your guides perfectly centered. (CreativeMac.com)
In Spline Tricks Parts 1 and 2, we looked at an overview of Auto-trace (an easy way to create splines for masks) and how to use some of those splines as positional data. While there are some advantages to using Auto-trace in some instances, other uses may not be so "press and play." So, in this latest installment in our Spline Tricks series, we'll examine some of the obvious and not so obvious issues and explain some fixes that may help you to work around the problems. (CreativeMac
In our last installment dealing with brushes in Adobe Illustrator, we looked at methods for generating Pattern Brushes from vector elements. But this week we'll leave the patterned strokes behind and delve into the messier realm of Art Brushes. (DigitalMediaNet.com)
Several years ago, my PaintBox initiation began with rotoscoping signatures for a game show that featured celebrities' names in the promo. For the show's promotional campaign, I was charged with the task of replicating the light-pen animation that was used on the set to animate each signature for the 15 celebrities that would appear that week. (DigitalMediaNet.com)
You are probably familiar with the X,Y, Z pixel coordinate placement of layers in After Effects. But what if you need to nudge something less than a full pixel? You can certainly do it, but why is it helpful? In this beginner Adobe After Effects exercise, we’ll examine how nudging along the Z space can create a two sided object. (DigitalMediaNet.com)
Not everything in 3D has to involve complex modeling. Sometimes there are alternative techniques that can be used to create imagery just as effective as anything you might spend hours building from scratch. This week we'll take a look at one such technique for creating a holiday graphic for St. Patrick's Day. (DigitalMediaNet.com)
A great number of you like the project based After Effects exercises I have done over the years. One area that continues to be a favorite is the station interstitial. Interstitials are those bumper pieces you see between shows that tie everything together. In this After Effects 6.0 Pro exercise, we’ll create an ‘Up Next’ bit for our make believe station. To help us out, we’ll also you an effect from Profound Effects’ Useful Things. (DigitalMediaNet.com)
Your footage is pristine. Your graphics are immaculate. And it's time to put them all together into the greatest DVD presentation in history using Apple's DVD Studio Pro. One hitch though: Despite your painstaking efforts to get your assets to look just right, there's a problem with your menus, namely a shift in color between still and motion graphics. (DigitalMediaNet.com)
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